Rental / Sale Avalanche airbag & Safety gear Mammut

Located across the Glaciers de la Meije Telepherique in La Grave, the Snowlegend Freeride Shop is commited to renting security equipment in perfect condition or to sell security package and a large choice of avalanche airbags Mammut 3.0. It’s essential to ride in La Grave-La-Meije with the basic security equipment : transceiver, shovel and probe. We offer for rent and for sale the Barryvox transceiver, light shovel, 7 feet probe and 15 or 25 liters backpacks. This material allows to find a person buried under an avalanche in few minutes (with some previous training). The airbag prevents burial by keeping the person on top of the avalanche enhancing the security of the skier/snowboarder. Here are a large choice of avalanche airbags 3.0 Mammut and you can choose the system Protection airbag or Removable. Various volumes, women design and light… can be rented or tried before you buy. For the purchase of an airbag at Snowlegend, you ‘ll get a 10% discount on the bag and the carbon canister is at 99€ instead of 139€ (price advised by the manufacturer). Keep safe riding Pow pOw poW !!


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