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Airbag Protection System avalanche safety

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The Protection Airbag System 3.0 is an avalanche airbag system with a 3D-shaped brightly-colored airbag that deploys protectively around the wearer’s head, neck and chest area when activated. The airbag can therefore also provide protection from mechanical injuries. The new system is safe, easy to use, even lighter and smaller than before and can be installed in all Protection 3.0-compatible backpacks.
Trauma protection: Protects from mechanical injuries.
Light: Without carbon cartridge just, approx. 920 g. With carbon cartridge only 1230 g.
Very small packing volume: Fully integrated with the backpack. Does not get in the way of internal organization.
Complete flexibility: The user can remove the system from the backpack and transfer it to other backpacks in the range. The backpack can be used for other activities.
Dependable Compressed gas energy storage is not affected by the weather or the temperature.
Screw-in ready: Screw in the cartridge and the system is ready to use straight away.
Airbag volume: 150 liters, victims faster to locate thanks to the bright color.
Filling time: approximately 3 seconds
Range of use: -30 °C to +40 °C
Trigger test tool supplied with the product: this allows you to easily carry out practice deployments of the airbag (test deployment).
Safety leg loop
Height-adjustable and easily stowable T-shaped deployment handle
Not compatible with Protection Airbag 2.0 backpacks (from W11-12 to W15-16)
Cartridge must always be ordered separately
Complete protection - trauma protection
Up to 20% (depending on the country and season) of fatalities in avalanches are due to mechanical injuries. With the Protection Airbag System, Mammut® has a solution that can additionally protect against mechanical injuries. The Protection Airbag System protects the head, neck and chest area and thus increases your survival chances in two ways: It provides the best possible protection from burial and from life-threatening trauma injuries.
Carrying comfort of the new Protection Airbags

In the Protection Airbags, we have focused on the construction of the shoulder straps and hip belt: resulting in a significant reduction in the volume and width of the shoulder straps, making them far less bulky, softer and adapted to the natural shape of the body. The backpack sits closely but very comfortably on the back, the load is distributed very effectively and, even when climbing with skis or a snowboard on your back, the avalanche airbags are in no way inferior to other alpine backpacks.


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