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Splitboard for a day or tour In Oisans - Ecrins with nights in refuge - Unforgettable experiences

The Col du Lautaret area offers a choice of itineraries. The Snowlegend guide will choose a safe ascent and find the right snow conditions for the descent in the Ecrins National Park.© clients.Snowlegend
Split-boarding for the day in the Ecrins National Park starting from the Lautaret pass
Split-boarding around La Grave - La Meije: the whole mountain is offered to us, with its varieties of forests, valleys, slopes, couloirs and summits... The first objective is to find beautiful snow to put under our skis. The climb is the pleasure of consistent effort, at a pace that the guide adapts to your physical condition, in the peaceful atmosphere of the wild mountain, with regular breaks to hydrate and take pictures.

At the top we remove the skins from our skis, have a snack and look around the horizon at the surrounding peaks... For the descent, the guide gives the options of the different lines that can be taken, safety instructions and technical advice to make the most of the terrain and snow ...© Jones
The climb is the pleasure of a regular effort, at a pace that the guide adapts to your physical condition
La Grave freeride is famous all over the world for its extraordinary descents of more than 2300 meters of vertical drop, its large glacial spaces, its multitude of couloirs from 35° to more than 55°, its ultra-light powder.
The Snowlegend guide finds great runs in powder around La Grave !
The Rossignol XV splitboard is for rent and sale at the Snowlegend chalet in La Grave. The pro model of Xavier de le Rue is available in several sizes© Rossignol
The Rossignol XV splitboard is an incredible board in all snow conditions

- The splitboard: Find the stomping ground of the origins of snowboarding, those places for which snowboarding was invented: vast wild areas and virgin slopes.
The split-board is a means discovering freeride touring with your favorite gear on your feet and with the same ease as skiers. The splitboard allows an hour or more of skinning to reach beautiful descents, with 2 minutes at the top to switch the bindings to descent mode and give the feel of a real board on your feet. The splitboard is no more difficult to use to skin up than walking and the descent is fantastic !!! With a splitboard the whole mountain awaits us, with routes for all physical and technical levels ...
- 3 mountain guides of our team love split-boarding. With Snowlegend free-ride guide, it is possible to organize a tour of several days with nights in refuge in the wild Alps. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
- You’ll find in La Grave splitboards Jones Solution, Rossignol Xavier de Le Rue, Marion Haerty with bindings Plum or Karakoram to rent and motivated guides at Snowlegend shop !

Your group consists of how many people 1 2 3 4 5 6
Mountain guide price per day 350€ 370€ 390€ 410€ 430€ 450€
Join a Snowlegend group: (number of people) 3 4 5
Price per rider 115€ 105€ 95€

* less 5€ rental splitboard XV Rossignol Solution Jones

Enjoy a discounted rate at Snowlegend freeride chalet

* less 5€ rental abs la grave Avalanche.
* less 5€ rental boots Nidecker, Rossignol double boa.
* Wax, edge, p-tex, less 5€ to 10€ by Mathieu skiman.

Price Includes

* Organic coffee for free.
* Loan of DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector), Element by Mammut (one of the best and easy to use).
* Loan of Rossignol Freeride Helmet (it’s better to wear one), size XS, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, light & comfortable.
* Loan of security bag (25 litres, reinforced back, shovel & probe).
* Loan of harness (compulsory for riding on the glacier area) and very useful for abseiling!

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