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Freeride Coach. The Snowlegend guide is also a ski instructor - Freeride camp

It is the same service as Book a mountain guide UIAGM in La Grave ! The Plus, your guide is also an off piste ski instructor. We will advise you technically while respecting your style. Become better with our Pro tips. Perfect your technique in powder, couloirs and on steep slopes. Be comfortable freeriding in all snow conditions and with lot’s of fun !
The sight of La Grave La Meije filled with powder inspires your Snowlegend coach to find new lines !
- 3650m We appreciate the incredible panorama of the Alps…
A small drop to start, then multitudes of lines at "full speed" on the Girose glacier !
- 3100m We arrive between rocks and long glaciers depending on the itineraries chosen !
- 2900m Long couloirs and beautiful virgin slopes await you !
- Option to abseil into other couloirs !
- 2100m We disturb some chamois in the forest and taste beautiful clearings !
- 1300/1400 m We cross the river and find the Telepherique glaciers of La Meije or Snowlegend shuttle !
Take a time to read below : 10 tips to ride well in Pow pOw poW...

Your group consists of how many people 1 to 2 3 4 5 6
Mountain guide price per day 360€ 380€ 400€ 420€ 440€

Price Includes

* Loan of Rossignol Freeride Helmet (it’s better to wear one) light & comfortable.
* Loan of DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector), Barryvox (one of the best and easy to use).
* Loan of Rossignol bag (25 litres, reinforced back, Mammut shovel & probe).
* Loan of harness (compulsory for riding on the glacier area) and very useful for abseiling!
* Organic coffee, Chartreuse for free.
* Possible to leave your gear in the Snowlegend chalet and dry your boots.

You get a preferential rate at the Snowlegend store

* discount 5€ Rental skis la grave Rossignol freeride, Blackops
* discount 5€ skis touring rental La Grave La Meije !
* discount 5€ rental ski boots Rossignol freeride
* discount 5€ rental Avalanche Airbag la grave Mammut
* discount 5€ rental boots Flow double boa, and bindings.
* discount 5€ rental Jones snowboards, Pogo, Dupraz, Rossignol.
* discount 5€ rental split-board lagrave Xv Rossignol, solution Jones
* Wax, edge, p-tex, discount 5€ to 10€ by Mathieu skiman.

These prices don’t include:

* Ski pass is 50€ per day from Snowlegend, normal price 53€.
Reduced price for those less than 25 years old: 40€.
Or buy multi-day ski passes at the desk of the Téléphériques des Glaciers de La Meije: 3 days 153€/51€ per day, 6 days 282€/47€, 10 days 430€/43€, Season pass 915€, Season week 510€
Agreement inter station (Serre Chevalier & Alpe d’Huez) 40€ for day ski pass with your 6 days ski pass or more.
* Lunch at Chancel Refuge - 2508m or Restaurant at the top - 3200m, or in the village - 1450m, depending on the itineraries!
Great value for money! It’s customary to invite your guide for lunch, thank you in advance!

10 tips to ride well in Powder...

- 1. Choice of itinerary: Dependent on ability, fitness, the weather, orientation of the slope and quality of the snow:
Choose according to the current avalanche risk (look at the current avalanche bulletins and take into account local knowledge, such as conditions of the itinerary in question, which could be dangerous). Before going, never hesitate to ask professionals such as the Snowlegend guides or ski patrol at the Téléphèrique for information and change your plans or not go at the last moment if necessary. The right safety equipment (avalanche transceiver, probe & shovel) is essential, as is regular training in its correct use.
- 2. Choose the right material: Fat skis or swallows; width and length depends on the quality (heavy or light) and the quantity of powder snow, as well as the ability and riding style of the person. This last criteria also determines the core type (rigid or flexible) and the side-cut.
- 3. A large field of vision: You must be able to see far, anticipate and determine the style to adopt so you are not surprised by the elements such as snow quality changes, slope, obstacles (trees, ice, stones, chamois, yeti .....).
- 4. Breathing: Force your breathing out to go with your curve, also manage your potential with enough rest periods, so you don’t end up in the red zone.
- 5. Arm position: Arms must be pulled forward, shoulders above feet and contrary to the generally accepted idea, don’t put your weight backwards (results in loss of control), look at your choice of material suitable for the conditions such as powder snow.
- 6. The placing / support: Avoid big grips on edges, give greater importance to fluidity. With Swallows, Wingergun the support is done on the front foot; with fats, depending on the quantity & quality of snow, the distribution of the weight is made on both skis (50% each in powder or in all conditions, up to 30% interior ski, 70% exterior ski for a ski more engaged or in particular snow conditions).The optimum spacing of the skis can be measured with the width of a hand, both skis should move more or less parallel, although you can also ski to ’la bomba’ i.e. the outside ski slightly forward producing and accelerating effect.
- 7. No unwanted movements from the top of the body! The only movement is in the wrists, that which drives the ski poles. The top of the body must be totally relaxed, only the pelvis and the legs distribute the energy!
- 8. Shoulders have to face downhill: The shoulders indicate the course to be followed while the legs flow through the turns. The term commonly used is to engage ’facing downhill’.
- 9. Skiing on the surface: Normally, snow must not fly around your face: the width of the actual skis permits you not to dive into the snow (the well known "submarine effect").
- 10. The smile: A happy rider has more chance to ride well and to have fun.
Keep Energy for Riding Pow pOw poW with Smile

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