Great Itineraries La Grave La Meije


Vallons of La Meije

This itinerary follows the different valleys shaped by the moraines of the former Râteau glacier.Beware of avalanches and seracs falling off the Râteau and La Meije glaciers.
This run is not, technically speaking, difficult, but beware of the natural dangers (such as those mentioned above) and(... >>>)


Couloirs Trifides - Vallons de La Meije

Three couloirs "0, 1, 2" around 40/45° below Trifide point. Exposed acces, a rope might be needed depending on conditions.
For info Trifide 3 rarely possible, (jump of 25m and more !)


Couloir de l’OursCouloir de l’Ours - Vallons de La Meije


Côtes Fines

Rocky garden
Nice sustained slopes in between Chancel and les Vallons, you arrive after a long traverse.Beautiful wild area, but windslab prone, and maybe with lot’s of rocks to hit !


Vallons de Chancel

Departure from the top of the gondola 3200m until the river at 1400m.
The easiest area, gentle slopes above the lake of Puy Vachier, but...
Watch out, even if it seems pretty obvious, you could easily get stuck above cliffs, especially near the lake.


Couloir Patou - Vallons de Chancel


Couloir Banane - Vallons de Chancel


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