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The Vault - La Voûte

Beautiful powder curves on the glacier! Freeride guides at La Grave with Snowlegend© ©Didi-happy
Powder on the glacier Of Girose in La Grave - La Meije

The vault is one of the exceptional La Grave freeride routes !!! Hyper varied, the difference in altitude is 2400 meters / 7900 feet of pure happiness! It begins with wide freeride turns on the glacier of La Lauze and then continues with more sustained slopes and small wild valleys before taking a break halfway to the 35 meters rappel ! With skis or snowboard on your back, the mountain guide belays you down with a rope. The second part of the run begins with a steep and narrow couloir for the first 150 meters / 500 feet. Then it expands, less steep and allows beautiful turns in a grandiose setting! The atmosphere is big and wild! But keep in mind that we are always exposed to avalanches that may come from higher slopes, so groups keep riding until the exit of the couloir without too much delay. Then there is the beautiful forest to ski through to the river! A Snowlegend shuttle will pick you up to go back to the La Grave ski resort! This beautiful descent is a must during an off piste skiing La Grave holiday or weekend with the Freeride ski and snowboard camp Snowlegend.


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