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Canyon - Chirouze center

At the top of the Dome de la Lauze at 3550m, each step is slower, you catch your breath while admiring the panoramic view from the Ventoux to Mont Blanc. We are at the beginning of the Tantric line.
With wide open spaces on the Lauze glacier, we let go. We carve big turns on the sparkling snow, watching the gaping crevasses as we go by. The soft and round shapes take us into the first couloir, the slope becomes steeper, then a second couloir of 40°.
It’s time to take a break, then refocus to continue through the canyon. The rhythm is slower, the corners tighter and more precise in this gorge at 45° and 4m wide. Even steeper and narrower up to a drop. Is the rope necessary?
At 1600m, the clearing of the meleze brings us smiling and tired, to the Romanche river. We pass over it to reach the road.
The descent is sensational and without escape! 2450m vertical descent without a flat area! Without traversing! It is one of the most beautiful descents of the Alps. Book a Snowlegend mountain guide.