Photos freeride La Meije

  • The new freeride ski range of Rossignol will be at the Snowlegend chalet in La Grave. It is possible to rent or buy all Blackops models!

    Come and try the new freeride Blackops ski Rossignol at Snowlegend chalet La Grave

  • A perfect day skiing in La Grave

    A perfect day in La Grave

  • couloir La Grave Triffid 2

    couloir La Grave Triffid 2

     ©client Snowlegend
  • La Grave ski couloir Patou 36°

    couloir Patou 36°

     ©client Snowlegend
  • La Grave telemark - Banana couloir 38°

    Telemark - Banana couloir 38°

     ©client Snowlegend
  • skiing La Grave couloir Triffid 1 40°

    couloir Triffid 1 40°

     ©client Snowlegend
  • Powder snowboarding La Grave

    Powder La Grave

  • freeride skiing La Grave

    freeride ski La Grave

  • Snowboard La Grave - Powder Glaciers of La Meije

    Powder on Glacier

  • freeride ski La Grave - forest run

    forest run

     ©client Snowlegend
  • Raphaëlle couloir freeride ski la Grave

    Raphaëlle couloir freeride ski la Grave

  • Glacier of La Meije

    Glacier tracks

  • Powder La Grave La Meije

    Valley of La Meije

  • Off piste skiing La Grave La Meije

    glacier skiing

  • Rope down La Grave La Meije

    Abseil La Voûte

     ©client Snowlegend
  • forest skiing La Grave La Meije

    forest skiing La Grave

  • Pan de rideau first tracks

    Pan de rideau

  • Offpiste La Grave La Meije

    Rocky garden

  • freeride snow La Grave La Meije

    La Grave snowboarding

  • Freeride ski La Grave

    Pow pOw poW

  • La Grave, Triffid 1 rope-down

    Triffid 1 rope-down

  • la Grave guide freeride Snowlegend

    powder Ultra light

  • Snowlegend guide freeride Snowboard La Grave - La Meije

    glacier powder

  • powder skiing in La Grave

    secret valley

  • Well follow the Snowlegend guide

    Ski in the middle of seracs

     ©client Snowlegend

La Grave best pictures and videos

Find in pictures and video the different trips on the field of the Grave or the Vallons of La Meije. Off-piste skiing, ski in the forest, glacier skiing, ski touring, telemark, snowboard, splitboard all freeride disciplines are presented.


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  • Ski touring day out in the mountains around La Grave and Serre Chevalier
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  • Splitboard for a day or tour In Oisans - Ecrins
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  • Freeride family
  • Family freeride experience in La Grave - La Meije
  • Free rental skis, snowboard or airbags for kids/youths

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