Photos freeride La Meije

  • A perfect day skiing in La Grave

    A perfect day in La Grave

  • couloir La Grave Triffid 2

    couloir La Grave Triffid 2

     ©client Snowlegend
  • La Grave ski couloir Patou 36°

    couloir Patou 36°

     ©client Snowlegend
  • La Grave telemark - Banana couloir 38°

    Telemark - Banana couloir 38°

     ©client Snowlegend
  • skiing La Grave couloir Triffid 1 40°

    couloir Triffid 1 40°

     ©client Snowlegend
  • Powder snowboarding La Grave

    Powder La Grave

  • glacier skiing La Meije

    La Meije skiing

  • freeride skiing La Grave

    freeride ski La Grave

  • Snowboard La Grave - Powder Glaciers of La Meije

    Powder on Glacier

  • freeride ski La Grave - forest run

    forest run

     ©client Snowlegend
  • Raphaëlle couloir freeride ski la Grave

    Raphaëlle couloir freeride ski la Grave

  • Glacier of La Meije

    Glacier tracks

  • Powder La Grave La Meije

    Valley of La Meije

  • Off piste skiing La Grave La Meije

    glacier skiing

  • Rope down La Grave La Meije

    Abseil La Voûte

     ©client Snowlegend
  • forest skiing La Grave La Meije

    forest skiing La Grave

  • Pan de rideau first tracks

    Pan de rideau

  • Offpiste La Grave La Meije

    Rocky garden

  • freeride snow La Grave La Meije

    La Grave snowboarding

  • Freeride ski La Grave

    Pow pOw poW

  • La Grave, Triffid 1 rope-down

    Triffid 1 rope-down

  • la Grave guide freeride Snowlegend

    powder Ultra light

  • Snowlegend guide freeride Snowboard La Grave - La Meije

    glacier powder

  • powder skiing in La Grave

    secret valley

  • Well follow the Snowlegend guide

    Ski in the middle of seracs

     ©client Snowlegend

La Grave best pictures and videos

Find in pictures and video the different trips on the field of the Grave or the Vallons of La Meije. Off-piste skiing, ski in the forest, glacier skiing, ski touring, telemark, snowboard, splitboard all freeride disciplines are presented.


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