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Tour of the Emparis plateau Very difficult itinerary

Tour of the Plateau d’Emparis via Lac Lérié, Mongolian steppes in France
Total length: 40 km Max. altitude: 2445m Min. altitude: 1450m

The start is identical to that of the Vallon de la Buffe. The start of the circuit is as magical as ever, with its mountain pasture hamlets, sheepfolds, large yellow apollo butterflies fluttering about, and quail flying by the river. Once you’ve reached the huts at the bottom of the Buffe valley, after the refuge du Pic du Mas de La Grave, you continue along the path. The path becomes steep and technical. You have to use the engine to keep going and push the mountain bike on a few passages to reach the Col des trente combes. A good 20 minutes to enjoy the "Boost" mode and the 720 watts of the vttae. Once we reach the shoulder at 2385m, we descend peacefully over the ridges, skirting the Rachas stream in the direction of the Gros Têt summit. Before reaching it, we turn left towards the Col Saint Georges. The trail is good and you can let off the brakes as you head towards the parking lot. We pass through the very open wetlands of the Rif-Tort. We’re in the Alps, but it’s like being in Mongolia, with its vast green desert meadows. We then climb up to the Col du Souchet, at 2365m, and turn right off the GR 54 through a grassy combe towards the Lérié and Noir lakes. The ponds are well signposted. "This is an ideal spot for a picnic, with fantastic views of the Girose glaciers and the hidden treasures of the north face of La Meije reflected in the water. Several tongues of ice stretch out towards the valley, with large waterfalls and the top of the couloirs that are a winter delight for off-piste skiers. After a bite to eat and a feast for the eyes on the wonders of France’s largest ice cap, we descend to the rif de Gayant. The descent is technical, with gullied paths at times. It’s important to stay clear-headed and concentrated, as some passages are very deep and the pedals can touch. The Clôt Raffin is reached as soon as you see the Chazelet, via the zigzagging path on the left after crossing a ski lift, without taking the GR 54, which sometimes has steep, almost vertiginous sections, then the Chazelet and the descent to La Grave via the postman path.


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