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Leeloo Haase Snowlegend chalet reception

Winter 2020 in La Grave, the ice cave was great for skiing. It was in Vallons de La Meije itinerarie
Leeloo skiing the ice cave in La Grave

The ray of sunshine in the shop!
It’s highly likely that when you walk into the shop the first person you would meet is me.
So first of all welcome, welcome to Snowlegend, or to my place! Yes I grew up in this shop, following in my father’s footsteps. Setting up skis, splitboards or any of the other gear is like second nature to me. I know the store down to the last detail and can provide you with all the information you need, on the equipment, the mountain and La Grave.
La Grave is a little corner of paradise, it’s unique on earth and where I have decided to spend all my winters for 20 years now. Luckily correspondence school and distance learning exists otherwise I would never have been able to ski this amazing mountain so much.
As a Globetrotter who has covered much of the four corners of the world, La Meije will always fascinate me and this place filled with happiness has stolen my heart.
Catch the lift and be taken to another world, a wild, calm, unpredictable, beautiful, natural world.
I have nothing more to add, come and see the magic of this place with your own eyes.
Besides, it’s my break! See you on your skis up the mountain ?




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