Day flow mountain guide Off-piste La Meije

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Your freeride session at La Grave - La Meije with Snowlegend mountain guide

You will spend a day, a weekend, a memorable freeride stay in La Grave - La Meije with Snowlegend !
- Don’t forget to book your guide in advance, our team consists of only 12 mountain guides. We are eager to offer you a friendly, qualitative and professional experience, so we remain a small structure. All our free ride offers here
- The level required to ski the Grave is to be comfortable on red or/and black track.
- To stay at the Grave for all budgets, here is our selection and book directly from us.

Meet with your guide, check your equipment and safety material.

Welcome to the Grave with Snowlegend International freeride camp!
- Head to the Snowlegend chalet the day before from 5:30 pm to 8 pm or in the morning from 8 am to meet the Snowlegend team.
- The guide will equip you with all the necessary safety equipment: Beeper (Avalanche Victim Detector), shovel and probe, helmets, harness. The loan of this equipment is provided free of charge by the guide.
- The Snowlegend shop also offers ski, snowboard and hiking equipment rental. You can book in advance here and we will prepare the material for your arrival.
- Customers who leave with a Snowlegend guide benefit from a 5€ discount per product, per day on the rental of the sliding equipment. Rental price
- Get warm inside the store, with a good organic coffee offered by the team. The Snowlegend staff will give you the packages, to save time so be the first to explore the area.

Here we go! Departure of your group for the cable car.

- The cable car is 100 meters from the store, in a blink of an eye, you are there.
- Depending on the weather conditions: different itineraries and choice of slopes will be offered throughout the day.
- The Snowlegend team guides you where the conditions are the best, assures you safety, gives you advice.
- Daily vertical drop from 4 to 12,000 meters. 2 to 7 rotations of Pur Bonheur!!! “Large spaces, routes, glaciers, corridors, forest.”
- Lunch at the Refuge de Chancel 2508 m, or restaurant at 3200 m to taste good hot dishes, it is customary to invite your guide.

La Grave / La Meije - a mythical place !

- 3650 m A breathtaking view of the Alps: ride on the glacier!
- 3100m We arrive between rocks and long glaciers depending on the routes chosen!
- 2900m Long couloirs and beautiful virgin slopes await you!
- Recall option possible for the more adventurous
- 2100m - We disturb some chamois’ in the forest and taste beautiful clearings!
- 1300/1400 m - We cross the river and find the telepherique or shuttle!

After skiing in the Snowlegend Chalet

- After an excellent day of skiing, come and taste good organic beers, wines and delicious tapas plates in our After-ski!
- We have selected local, artisanal and natural products for you to enjoy this relaxing moment after your day in the mountains.
- Also time to prepare your next day, with your guide depending on the weather.
- Sharpening and waxing possible in the shop by our ski man and preparer.

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