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Super 7 RD - 750€ Super 7 RD

Designed for the pro’s and local hero’s, the all-new, limited-edition SUPER 7 RD is the balls-to-the-wall freeride ski for those committed to hitting the gas pedal and giving ’er in the deepest snow they can find. The athlete-approved, built in the Race Department "RD" version of our new Super 7 includes a beefed-up race department construction and core profile, a wider 120mm landing pad underfoot, longer 30m radius for fast fall-line skiing, and our new Carbon Alloy Matrix for amplified energy, mobility, and strength. Bigger. Faster. Stronger. If you’re into that kind of thing. Combined with our patented Air Tip technology ; Powder Turn Rocker profile ; and lighter weight paulownia wood core, the new Super 7 RD delivers effortless floatation and high-definition stability for pushing the boundaries of freeride.

Pack Prix normal Snowlegend
Pack 1 sans fixations 750€ 750€
Pack 2 +Pivot 14 990€ 990€
Pack 3 +Spx 12 Dual 940€ 940€
Pack 4 +XM 130 1045€ 1045€
Pack 5 +HM 120 1210€ 1210€
Pack 6 Loc / Rent 40€ 35€


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